Frank likes coffee and travelling…


Paul loves gardens, but not gardening. He loves America, but not Oreo Cookies or jerky. When he’s not travelling and searching for hidden gem tourist spots, Paul is in London with the World From Marrs team.


Annabel is a Welsh girl who doesn’t speak Welsh, but rusty French. She is outside whenever possible, either on her bamboo bike or running in the fresh air. She also has been practicing yoga for over 3 years.


Simona spends her spare time co-presenting electronic music podcasts and making mixes. She’s also fond of Eastern European cooking and walks in London’s many parks.


Meagan is an intern from Louisiana. When she’s not rebuilding websites (like this one, for example) or working, she’s playing video games, talking to animals, taking photos around London, or planning her trip around the world.


Tom’s great loves are whiskey, rugby and Tina Turner. He has done his fair share of travelling, but nowhere quite compares to his home town, Cardiff. He’s slowly getting into cycling, but not lycra.