By Frank on 27th May


We get it. It’s great outside, but we’re stuck in the office. You don’t have to feel like you’re wasting a perfectly good day by being at a desk, though. Here’s some things you can do to make yourself less upset about being trapped inside:

1. Pretend the weather is appalling outside, and winter is always there. Just watch a couple of episodes of David Attenborough, Frozen Planet before work each morning.


2. Put a paddling pool, some sand and a inflatable palm tree in the centre of the office. Serve your colleagues the occasional cocktail with an umbrella in it and tell them the office always feels like a holiday to you.


3. Knock down the wall so half the office feels like it’s in the sun.

wall break gif

4. Change the light bulbs to a BioBulb which will help bring the sunshine indoors. The bulbs replicate natural sunlight and improves mood, sleep and energy.


5. Kit the office out with a truck load of plants. Turn that hot, stuffy office into a rainforest so that you feel like you’re working in the jungle of a desired holiday location. You’ll then never have a desire to want to head to the tropics and will never want to leave the office again.


*Edit by Meagan*

Get a skylight installed.

So you may as well enjoy the weather before this happens:giphy

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