By on 6th September

I’d almost forgotten what a good fruit and veg stall was like, but the guy who runs this one is  a perfect gent and has reminded me why the personal attention of market traders and independent shops is so important.

Why Wells Terrace market stall is so great:

  • Fruit and veg is very affordable, recent purchases include 3 mangos for £1, 6 punnets of raspberries for £2, 2 large boxes of strawberries for £1
  • Cheerfulness of the staff on the stall who always say hello and let you pay tomorrow if  you forget your purse (I  look very trustworthy…)

We’ve just been given an ice cream maker, so all summer our freezer has been filled with various fruit ice creams and sorbets.  Mango and strawberry goes particularly well together!  Ice cream is so easy to make, I’ve been throwing it together with whipped cream and yoghurt, but you might want to follow a recipe like this one

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