By Meagan on 13th May

A few weeks ago, I went to Dublin, Ireland for a quick holiday with a friend of mine. It was a last second decision, but it was also a great one. The flights were booked, hostel had been arranged, and we started packing by Wednesday for the flight Friday. During the planning process, however, we picked up a few tips that could help your planning go more smoothly than ours.

© Meagan Bolds

© Meagan Bolds

Keep Looking

It may seem like the perfect deal now, but you could probably do better. Find as many offers and deals as you can. Are you a student? You can probably find some student discounts or deals on flights and accommodation. Do you have any talents? One hostel we looked at offered a free night to any musicians who entertained guests for an hour or so.

Take a Break

Planning shouldn’t stress you out. If you start feeling overwhelmed by flights and accommodations, step away from the computer for a while and do something else. And don’t try to get everything done that night. Split it into segments; book your flight one day and accommodations the next. Just don’t stress.

Think Outside of the Box

Staying just outside the city is always an option, and it’s usually a lot cheaper than being in the city centre. It gives you the chance to explore and see more than what you expected, and even a bit of adventure.

© Meagan Bolds

© Meagan Bolds

Know What You Want

There’s nothing worse than getting there and having absolutely no clue of what you want to do. Have a plan, be prepared. Do you need extra money to get around? Do you plan on getting souvenirs? How are you getting to and from your accommodations. It’s odd, but people tend to forget about this part. So plan on the unpredictable.

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