By Meagan on 24th April
© Meagan Bolds

© Meagan Bolds

“Travel is too expensive.” I always hear it back home, especially when we’re talking about going overseas. But those people don’t really know how to travel on a budget:

Accommodations: Notice I didn’t say “hotels”. When you’re going overseas, you should probably throw away the idea of staying in a fancy hotel with a pool and three “free” meals. Yeah, that’s where most of your money is going.

While hotels may be the most popular accommodations of choice back in the States, well, you’re not going to the states. Hostels and self catering properties are far less expensive and way more flexible than hotels. With more options, more locations, and more value for your accommodation, it’s strange more Americans haven’t latched onto this method yet.

© Meagan Bolds

© Meagan Bolds

Getting There: Finding deals on flights isn’t really hard. Just don’t book on the weekends and book well before you plan to leave. Simple.

Or you could catch a bus or train. While it does take longer to get where you’re going, you end up saving a lot of money that can be put toward souvenirs.

If you’re like me and enjoy booking trips the week before you leave, there are still a few options you can use.

Packing: Believe it or not, what you pack can affect the cost of your trip. I’m talking about those extra bags you may insist on bringing. A week long trip does not need three bags per person. If you’re staying in self catering, you can usually wash your clothes.

A couple pairs of jeans, two pairs of shoes (one that you wear onto the plane and one that you pack), a few shirts and a decent jacket or coat are really all you need. Here’s the thing about travelling, you can always buy clothes there. And a good bit of the time, it’s a better and more affordable souvenir than you can find in shops considering every time you wear it, you’ll have a story to tell.

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